No Insurance Dental Plan

Cost less than $7 a month per person and less than $12 a month for your family of up to 5 individuals. Sign up to take advantage of free Exams, X-rays, and regular cleaning per year.

Plan Benefits Include

  • No Claim Forms To Fill Out.
  • No Deductible To Pay
  • No Annual Dollar Maximum Of Coverage
  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Exclusion Of  Pre-Existing Condition

Example of a common dental visit without and with the plan.

No Plan
Exam = $110
X-rays = $105
Cleaning = $120
One Single Filling = $240
Total No Plan = $575

With Smile Plan
Exam = $0
X-rays = $0
Cleaning = $0
One Single Filling = $95
Total With Plan = $95

This plan would have saved you more than 80% on this particular visit.

*  I also offer an additional 10% discount to all seniors, military and state employees off all plan fees.  Also attached is a $50 coupon off all treatment plans in excess of $200.

* We Accept Most Insurance Plans, HMO, PPO Medical, IEHP
and other dental plans.

*  We offer early morning, late evenings, walk ins, and weekend appointments.